and Harestone Moss


Reconnect to the land

We wanted to reconnect to the land and the environment, grow our own food and be as self sufficient as possible , have our own unique selection of animals and to do this while ensuring the land was as wild for nature as it could be.

Our animals arrived at the croft in 2022, and brought instant life to the farm with all their characters and fun. We wanted them to be able to live the best kind of life ensure they have all the best food , water and shelter they require. I think they love it as much as we do !












Enjoying the land at Harestone

the highland cows

Meet the Harestone Highland cows. This hardy, hairy, beautiful Scottish breed are the show stopper’s, camera’s at the ready duo. I don’t think they have a bad side !

Apart from being so photogenic they have an important role at our small holding, of trampling our fields and spreading there dung to help our rewilding.

They absolutely love a brush, and ginger goes into a trance as soon as the brush touches her back.

They currently have a bull staying for a wee holiday, so watch this space !

Goats V2

The goats

The goats are the cheekiest of all the animals on the croft, and are never to far away from some kind of mischief ! The leader of the shenanigans is always the little pygmy (front left).

These goats also provide us with great light grazing  when they are left to roam freely in the fields before being called back in by the rattle of some feed.

Jack and Victor our black and white goats, named after Still Game’s lovable due,  are my secret favorites and they always come bounding over to see what is going on.

Our plan is to expand our Guernsey goat collection and produce our own goats cheese and soap.


Isa & Winston

These cute baby goats arrived in November 22 from our Pygmy goat, and have brought such fun and joy to the croft.

Keeping the still game theme after their Daddy- Jack or Victor !


The Pigs

Our Duroc’s arrived as 8 week old weaners and were housed with chickens and ducks.

They are the fastest growing animal I have seen, everyday we visited them they had shot up in size.

They were soon moved to their own paddock, a very rough bit of farm that we needed help rooting and cultivating. They are quickly working their way through the thick foliage and still growing every day !

Croft – Horse-and-Pony

Our Companion Horses

GP & Wizzy

These two are best friends and after being lonely for a long time were brought together at Harestone to enjoy their retirement days together.

Love an apple and walk round the croft.


Regenerative farming

Regenerate - Make it better

Sustain = Leave the same, and not make worse

Our aim is to… Regenerate = Make it better

We want to look after our small pixel of land in Scotland now, and for years to come. Our philosophy and plans will work with natural processes that increases biodiversity, enriches soils, improves watersheds and captures carbon in the soil – aided by our small team of animals.

grow your own

One of the most important elements of our croft is being able to try and be a self-sufficient as possible. I am still learning, but love growing our own and sharing with our friends and family . We have been very successful with our crop of potatoes, tomatoes, courgettes, cucumbers, sweetcorn, lettuce turnips and much more!!!

What To Do In The Area

Magestic Aberdeenshire



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